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The Importance of Culture

The American Heritage Dictionary defines culture as:

 “The arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group,


“The set of predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization.”

Organizational culture is comprised of two main levels: value and behaviors.

Values – Culture refers to values that are shared by the people in a group and that tend to persist over time even when group membership changes.

Behaviors – Culture represents the behavior patterns or style of an organization that new employees are automatically encouraged to follow by their fellow employees.

An organization’s culture is a powerful, invisible, and generally unspoken element shaped by the shared values, behaviors, outlook, attitudes, goals, practices, and norms of the people within the organization.

With the right tools, management can create and foster a positive and productive culture that supports the organization’s goals. This starts with defining the mission and vision for the organization, defining the values and the desired culture, and then communicating it to everyone in the organization.

Culture isn’t easy to change because it is difficult for people to change their ways of doing things, but with the right guidance, an organization can shape its culture. An organization with a strong, productive culture is a great place to work and it has a competitive advantage. To many employees, the organization’s culture is as important as salary and benefits. It has a large impact on employee attraction and retention, and on employee morale and productivity.

We bring expert understanding of the complexities of organizational culture and can help you define, negotiate, and change the collection of values, norms, and behaviors within your organization to create a truly fantastic culture.